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FAQs of Time Attendance Machine

FAQs of Time Attendance Machine

1. What is Time Attendance Machine?

A time attendance machine is a device that is used to track and monitor the time employees are working. A time attendance machine allows an employer to track late arrivals, early departures, extra time, and time took on break. 

2. How does a biometric attendance machine work?

Biometric devices like biometric attendance machines use the unique physical characteristics of an employee such as fingerprint and then scan it with the data stored in its database. It provides access only when it finds a match and stores the clock-in/clock-out time every time the employees punch their fingerprint.

3. Which is the Best Time Attendance Machine?

Star Link is the leading manufacturer of time attendance machines with more than 23 years of experience in the biometrics field. It provides both a fingerprint attendance machine and a card-based biometric attendance system

4. What is the cost of the Time attendance machine?

The actual cost of a time attendance machine depends on a lot of factors such as brand, certifications, features, type of sensor, etc. A small fingerprint-based biometric attendance system would cost somewhere around INR 3000 while a sophisticated machine with the latest technology could cost INR 10000 as well. Visit Star Link to get a quote now. 

 5. How to use a time attendance machine?

Since time attendance machines are built by different brands, it’s better to read the user manual before using a time attendance machine. However, when it comes to adding or removing a fingerprint, most of them have similar steps.

  1. Tap on security and then fingerprint
  2. Enter your pin or password 
  3. Depending on what you want to do tap on add fingerprint or remove the fingerprint, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

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