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Facial Recognition – Now 2D to 3D

Facial recognition is now playing a prominent role in every aspect of life. But still, facial recognition is vividly researched area in biometrics technology. The facial recognition concept has been applied in many verticals with an array of applications and facilitates in detecting crime, preventing data from hackers, verifying the identity, and now able to unlock your phone and other devices.

The central idea which is driving the facial recognition into biometrics is security. Face recognition represents an intuitive and non-intrusive method of authenticating people so that it became one of the identification methods used in e-passports and a choice of many other biometric security applications. Due to the growing advancement in facial recognition, the 2D facial recognition technology shifted to 3D.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) have developed a model for scaling 3D facial recognition which transforms the biometrics industry. The model trained to identify a large dataset of known faces, and then match a test face to one of them. The main feature of this advanced 3D facial recognition is that it can instantly recognize you in any pose, like, wearing a glasses, face mask, laughing or smiling face. As of now, 3D cameras becoming cheap and affordable, the future for pure 3D face recognition does not seem far away. It will also help to improve the security of devices that use facial recognition to grant access to networks and systems. This advancement will make 3D facial recognition technology a great appreciation in near future.

Another advancement has seen is vision-box facial recognition system with biometrics concept. The main attraction of this feature is, it is driven by modularity and connectivity. It enhances the ability to easy-to-navigate feature, self-service, border security, biometrics visitors capturing. The deployment of this highly advanced biometric technology will provide an innovative and more efficient travel experience for passengers and enhance the security of the identification procedure in various security operations.


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