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Debunking The Misconceptions Of Biometric Security Systems

There are various myths spread across the business that apprehends them to install the biometric security system or biometric attendance system. And many other companies have tested the biometric systems and they are enjoying the services flawlessly. From saving time to reducing administrative losses, companies are reaping the fruits of the systems installed in their premises. I would focus on debunking the myths of the biometric system which are spread in the market being a technology specialist in the biometric industry.

Here goes on:

Biometric systems are too complex to install and implement which alters/disrupt the present infrastructure.
Sorry to say, but this is a big misconception these days people have. In the era of technology is nothing complex or tough. Although, the biometric is quite easy to operate and install without disrupting any infrastructure. It can be installed as easy as any other electronic equipment. Don’t worry!!

Biometrics aren’t safe – data can be stolen.
I have never ever heard about data being stolen from any of the biometric using companies. Because we the manufacturer of biometric machines encrypt the data before saving it. And the encrypted data are in mathematical form, which is quite impossible to re-engineer. So forget about this.

Biometric systems are expensive
I would rather say, what is cheaper then? Obviously the cost of any product is based on the quality and features it has. Many biometric companies are there which offer cheaper devices as well, but if you want dependency, redundancy, reliability, performance; definitely you need to loosen your pocket. Still choices are many – But I would again say, Price of any system is based on its features & technology.

Implementation of biometric system requires dedicated man power.
Nope, anyone can operate the system. But to make it safe, secure and confidential, it remains concise to a certain person or department. Normally, it takes 1 to 2 days of training and you can operate it with ease.

Can’t be integrated with my existing system
There are many biometric devices and solution which can be easily integrated with existing ERP, Savvy HRMS, SAP or any other management system running in your company. So no need to worry about your existing mechanism, just go ahead and at least raise the query to sales@starlinkindia.com.

After reading all these misconceptions, what do you think? Have you changed your mind, let us know and mail us your query. We will be more than happy to solve your query.

“Biometric is not going anywhere as it is a technology. But when you will compare with any other thing in the market, mark my words, Biometrics is the safest technology in the market. If you look into the future, then the future is using biometrics for every purpose to make the system more secure, safe and reliable.”


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