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COVID-19: Contactless Biometrics In The Spotlight

COVID-19: Contactless Biometrics In The Spotlight

With the outbreak of COVID-19, people have been facing many difficulties in their personal & professional lives, savings, and more. Even most of the industries are struggling to survive. Based on a recent report, there will be 50% lesser growth in the economy rate in the year 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Side effects of the lockdown by the Governments can be observed with a falling economy rate of the country. The rule for social distancing for the people is playing the most essential part in controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. All these factors guide the industry to look for a better option in contactless biometrics.


Importance Of Contactless Biometrics

With the spread of Covid-19 across the world, most of the industries prefer to switch towards a Contactless biometric system. A machine that analyzes the facial expressions, such as eyes, ears, cheeks, and other facial aspects automatically. By using this technology, it is much easier for the Time Attendance System to capture the images and matching them with the database becomes easier. The system is capable to authenticate the face in real-time which saves your time and pocket.

    •  Accurate and Robust
    •  Fully functional
    •  Simple in use
    •  Capable to scan the face in low-lighting conditions
    •  Contact-less BIOMETRIC solution
    •  Additional security features – Attendance System, Door Access Control Systems & more
    •  Saves time

Normally, Biometric Devices are used for various purposes that include fingerprint scanning, facial structure scanning, iris scanning, and other ways of identifying the human characteristics. The fingerprint is one of the most commonly used models for personal identification but unfortunately face a temporary closure due to COVID-19.

Where Can We Use?

Bio Face Reader and other biometric devices is an assurance where security is a prime concern. The Biometric Attendance System is much more helpful for recording and monitoring the attendance of employees.


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