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Biometrics Next Step Towards Smart Card Commercialization

Smart Cards are plastic cards which consist of integrated circuitry inside which allows them to store data. These cards are used everywhere nowadays, from transportation to banking, each sector has their own specific use for these cards. For example, Metro cards, Credit/Debit Cards, Security based Identity cards etc.


How Smart Card Work?

Smart Card like a debit card is used to configure your identity with the help of a pin or password and then give you the access to your accounts.

There are basically two kinds of smart cards, Contact based like Debit Cards, Credit Cards etc. and Contactless Smart cards which don’t require any contact with the access control instead they use RFID technology.

In these cases however your pin or any other signature of your identity is used to tap the information at a remote server. And there is a minute chance that your digital signature can be compromised.

Now to reduce the slightest chances of that happening, Biometric Smart Cards are being developed.


What is a Biometric Smart Card? 

Like any smart card, this card will also store data but the data stored on this card will be much more significant. Your information will be stored on the card instead of any remote server, which you can only be accessed using biometric access control. In the complete process, your biometric signature will not leave the card and hence there is no such threat of duplication or any other security breach.


How does it work?

Like any other Biometric devices, these Biometric Smart Cards use Fingerprints and IRIS to authenticate an individual. These smart cards have a wide range of uses in different sectors. Biometrics is increasingly being used to authenticate payments, transactions through an individual’s account using a biometric smart card.

These Biometric Smart Cards are very important to make the identification and authentication process more secure and airtight. A lot of people are worried about the identity theft and hence avoid using smart cards.

But with the integration of a layer of biometric security, the complete process can be more trustworthy and secure for the users.

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