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Attendance at your FINGER Tips


Exploring the phase where biometric attendance technology and soft wares has took us and we are at work while not being there in the workplace 

Technology Going Microscopic:

Generations of technology can be symbolized with how the equipments went small with the course of time as a big sized computer has now taken a shape of a small laptop, a big mobile phone with a small screen has now turned smart with a touch screen. In a related manner, the modes of marking the attendance too has changed from manual or printed to biometric and paperless. But the era has taken a step further now and a mandatory touch on the biometric attendance machine at the office has now turned into a touch on your smart phone from the field. Yes, you heard that right as it’s now time for the new mobile version of time attendance machine which has turned all the heads.


Web Time Application:

Companies with mighty sales force, field officers, executives, delivery teams, on site engineers and other field related staff members ask their employees to report at the office first and then leave for field activities, reporting into the office ensures timely attendance and meetings with the employees but other some questions still remains under the black headlines like:


  1. What if the time consumed while traveling to the office could have been spent going to the field directly?
  2. What if an employee is not at the assigned work area?
  3. What if employees are at wrong assigned area?
  4. If employee faces an emergency or wants to apply for leave or gate pass online?
  5. How field employees can check their attendance activities from the field?


Web Time application holds answers to all the above questions as it is proving to be a fruitful mobile application for everyone ranging from field employees to their reporting persons and the admins as well. It will be easier to understand this as a mobile version of the Leave Management Software & Time Attendance System which we use in our computer system. The application which supports android and IOS Operating Systems can be installed with prior authorization from the office authorities for secure login.


Apart from all the routine features and options like:

  • List of daily, weekly and monthly attendance
  • Employee’s official information
  • Holiday list
  • Miss/absent status
  • Salary slips
  • Change password


Are available in the mobile application as well which helps in checking the day to day attendance activities of the employees through their smart phones. We will discuss about what major features and services this application provide you.


Web Time – Decisive Benefits:

For a field employee,

  • To manage or apply leaves, weather full or half-day, checking the status and balance of the leaves from Leave Management option
  • To apply for out day passes on an hourly basis whether for official or personal use, to check the status of out gate pass, Gate Pass Management option would help,
  • Punch Management to check all attendance punches, application/status of missed/absent/all attendance punch, and
  • Mobile Attendance Management which shows the list of all the authorized, unauthorized location punch list and authorized location list (for example, if an employee is authorized to work in the location ABC and he accidentally marks the attendance in the location XYZ, the attendance punch will be considered as unauthorized)


Now one of the most helpful features, The phone attendance punch through which an employee can mark the attendance from the field assigned by their reporting person. A notification is sent to their reporting person with the Time, Date, Longitudinal and Latitudinal details of the attendance marked. Employees are also provided with a list of authorized location list in the application which informs them about the authorized working locations assigned by the reporting person.


In terms of a reporting person’s aspects which is with the name Super User,

  • They can check the employee’s pending, missed, authorized and UN-authorized attendance punch-marked from the field
  • They can edit or delete the assigned locations for the employees with the address, longitudinal, latitudinal details and radius to work within
  • They can assign or remove an employee with a particular location for some definite days with dates selected


For the admin who holds the employee-related management options like,

  • To create, edit and delete new and existing users and various sub-options
  • To select leave approval policies to weather a single/step by step approval policy is needed, enabling mobile attendance, Geo-Fencing and other approval related options
  • To add or delete leaves and their types


Web Time – A Stress-Free Participation: 

It is a matter of the fact that web time application is emerging as an advanced method of biometric devices as mobile attendance marking, to keep a track of field employees, also preserving their rights and benefits should not be hampered. The main consideration why Web Time application is designed to focus on the most blooming aspects;
To save time and to assure complete security of the employees,
the work target is given to the field workforce and managing all forms of updates and services for them straight from the office.

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