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Achieving Enterprise Multifactor or Multimodal Authentication With Biometrics

Protecting the corporate assets is becoming more critical and challenging in today’s business environment. No matter what kind of data it is like an employee or customer data, company financial information, intellectual property data of the company, etc. all remain under threat and this is why enterprises have dedicated teams to look after the safety of this. No doubt enterprises have implemented more secure and stringent ways for the data safety, but are they enough.

We should not forget technology has not only advanced for us but it has also advanced for the criminals too. They are also using the same technology and posing a threat to the enterprises. As the gate of technology is opened for both, then what other means can be used by enterprises to protect their data.

Here comes the Biometric, which is more secure, safe, and reliable, after all, your biometrics like a fingerprint, IRIS, palm, face, and voice can’t be stolen. But as of now all major enterprises have developed or gone for the uni-modal authentication means using a single source for the purpose of authentication like either fingerprint or palm or IRIS or etc. But as the enterprise data is becoming critical, it’s time for them to move to the Multifactor Authentication Biometric model, where two or more sources as a combination should be used for authenticating a person, this will be a highly robust and secure way than ever. Let’s understand multimodal biometric model in more detail.


What is Multimodal or Multifactor Authentication?

We have already explained what multimodal or multifactor biometric authentication is and how it is different from traditional or uni-modal biometric solution. In multimodal authentication, we use two or more factors for the purpose of authentication which not only increases the scope but at the same time also offers a variety of inputs that can be used as information which is taken by the system for authenticating the user.

Multimodal or multifactor biometric authentication is far better and secure authentication mechanism. Like if we have captured the five factors of the user in the system and every time different combinations are being used to authenticate the user, then just think nobody can surpass the system ever.

Why There Is Need For Multi factor Or Multi modal Authentication In Enterprise Business?

The uni-modal biometric systems are facing various challenges’ like non-universality of samples, lack of secrecy, the extent of user’s freedom and comfort while dealing with the authentication system, stored data is being attacked, etc. If the multimodal system is deployed then many of these challenges’ can be easily addressed.

If you have multiple user factors or traits, then a system becomes more credible and reliable. A multimodal or multifactor biometric system will enhance the secrecy and security of the stored and user data. The accuracy of the multi-modal biometric systems depends upon the fusion strategies that basically combine all decisions from its sub-systems and then offer the conclusion.If any trait or identifier fails to work for any reason, then a system can provide security by using other traits and identifiers. Multimodal systems are capable and equipped with the liveliness detection techniques which prove the “liveliness” of the user who enters for authentication, in this way they can handle spoofing as well as can detect maliciousness if any.

Multimodal biometric system has all the relevant conventional modules which are used by the unimodal system, such as


  • Feature extraction
  • Feature capturing
  • Feature Caparison
  • Decision-Making modules

But it is the Fusion technique which makes it different from the unimodal systems, that integrates the information from the two diverse authentication systems. The fusion can happen at any levels like during feature extraction, decision making, or while comparing the samples with the stored data.


Reasons to support the implementation Multimodal Authentication

There are many reasons but the basic reason will remain the same as it offers the flexibility and freedom to access the data or resources irrespective of the user location in a safe environment. And having a rigid safe and secure mechanism for your enterprise business is not only critical but the need of an hour.


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