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Tea Garden Solutions : An Innovative Endeavor by Starlink India

Employees seldom like change in systems. But, somehow they have this innate quality of finding their ways around the setup systems. This is specifically true for the varied human-labour centric businesses. Tea gardens are just one of them. India is home to one of the largest number of tea gardens in the world. This is a business that inadvertently employs a large number of individuals from the process of plucking of leaves to the final packaging step. Unfortunately, the employees in these setups have mostly found their unscrupulous ways to dodge humane systems. Introduction of technology can help in this regard. Thus, we present our Tea Garden Biometric Solution. This is a holistic solution to all Human Resource related problems in a tea garden estate.


It consists of many unorthodox features that shall make handling your tea estate a breeze:

  1. All employees of the tea estate shall be registered and biometrically identified on the system. This makes your estate and system impenetrable able with biometric access control.Since the biometrics cannot be altered, the employee attendance system becomes robust. Apart from this it also helps to maintain a complete record of working hands. No more fake identities and wage-irregularities to worry about.
  2. The employees are categorized through issued identity cards with inbuilt biometric sensors. They are categorized as per their work responsibilities and tagged as per locations. This helps to maintain a complete system record of the number of the employees and their expertise for different jobs undertaken. In unforeseen scenarios of slow-supply or worker shortage, their reports can be utilized easily for optimum employee-distribution.
  3. The output of each employee, especially the tea-pluckers are measured and logged in on a daily basis through biometric sensors included weighing scales. It enables each tea-plucking employed individual can weigh in their output at the end of the day. It helps workers to get true-incentive of their work done and thus, promotes satisfaction.
  4. Wage calculation system is also automated. Once employed, this solution renders the generally corrupt office of salary-record creator unnecessary. The system shall itself create the complete database of wages calculated per day workers, weekly workers and higher officials as per their set in salary brackets. There shall be strictly no corruption or chaos involved.
  5. The reports provided can also be customized. This solution provides the owner or the admin reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis as required. It helps to easily demarcate shortcomings and leakages of different employees, departments categorically. Thus, the system shares its robustness with the complete tea estate management itself.


If you are a future envisioning business leader eyeing profits, you are sure to understand the innovativeness and promised affectivity of our Tea Garden Solutions.


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