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Child Secure Pickup Solution For School

Star Link is the leading solution provider and preferred name in the Biometrics industry. We provide Time & Attendance System and Access Control System solutions with quality grade products. Our expert team of engineers is capable of providing any kind of solution as per client’s requirements. In addition to this, we are continuously resolving the client’s major problems. One major problem that we solved recently is for the school administration who wanted a permanent solution for the problem engaging with the safety and security of their students.

The challenge for us was to determine the authenticity of the person who is coming to school to receive the student. We solved this with a combination of data control and the access control system.


What is Data Capture?

Data capturing is a process of getting specific or desired information related to a particular activity or system. Once the data collected, it can be stored in databases, analyzed, and processed for the desired evaluation.

In the education sector, data capturing technique obtain the relevant, up-to-date data and information about the education system as a whole. These data give the daily updated information about each individual student and their ‘state of access’ to the school or college and use those data for security and safety. Therefore, it improves the quality of the education system as well as the educational environment and can explain the use of data capture in schools and colleges.


Star Link Provide Solution with Data Capture

After setting the milestones in the Time & Attendance system and Access Control system, STAR LINK now provide Data Capturing into their Time & Attendance system and Access Control system solution and able to customize it as per client’s requirements. The recent development done by the team of STAR LINK is for a school management whereby using the Data Capture feature the school administrators need not worry about the student security and will get the proper real-time in/ out data of a student. This is because we sync the punching data into API in real-time and also sends SMS of the arrival or departure from school.


How Do We Work?

The central idea behind using the data capturing is the client’s requirement of engaging with the safety of the student of a school. To determine, who is coming to school to receive a student, management allots three cards/pins to three different persons like Father, Mother, and Servant who enrolled with their punching data. When any of them will come to receive his child, he/she need to punch the machine, then the real-time captured punching data get in sync with the API. If the punched data get matched with the data stored in the database, it automatically creates/sends an SMS to the management and parent to intimate them and confirm them that their child is in safe hand and received by the concerned person (Father, Mother, and Servant).


This can ease with you the following things:

  • Ensure Safety and Security
  • Uses Biometrics- unique identification
  • Provide real-time intimation to school management
  • Working parents get relief


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