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Biometric Audio Security – Voice Biometrics by Max Sound


Max Sound, an audio security firm, has been awarded with a US patent for audio biometric security. Max Security first filed the patent in early 2014 wherein the device they wanted to patent was named ‘biometric audio security’. The audio security firm announced on June 13 the USPTO, i.e.

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How Can Biometrics Control The Immigration Process?


When we talk about a biometric device which can be also called as a biometric identifier, we tend to refer to an objective used for the security measurement of the people working in an organisation. But the current situation if comes into focus, we can ensure the efficient working of the biometric technology as this system of services is slowly taking over a lot of the security systems all over.

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Biometrics


In this modern technology world, there are ample of security devices available, which can provide great help in securing data and keep a record of person’s identity, and other transactions as well. In this way, mobile biometric technology has evolved as a boon for the tech savvy. It is the solution that works for purposes like the intersection of connectivity, security, and identity.

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E-boarding Through Aadhar at Hyderabad Airport

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Out-dated security and identification systems and access kiosks are a threat to the nation’s security. Also, verifying identities manually consumes a lot of time and are a pain from the customer’s point of view. With the current advancement in technology, the ideas that previously seemed far-fetched are now becoming more and more commonplace.

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