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Visitor Management Software: Best way to Know your visitor

How many visitors have visited your office? How many visitors came yesterday? Usually, companies struggle to give this answer. You will have to pull out the sign-in sheets and count all the entries manually. Until the time you are counting the entries.


Here are few questions for you:

  • How many names can you read clearly?
  • How many visitors have skipped filling the arrival time?
  • Who forgot to sign-out?
  • All the sign-in and sign-out timings accurate?
  • Did they mention the right employer’s name whom they wanted to meet?
  • Who entertains the visitors? Maybe no one is there.
  • What do the visitors do? They hang out till the time employee begins knocking at random doors?

This scenario simply shows that your office needs a visitor pass software. Let’s discuss further why it is the best way to know your visitor.


Before that let’s see what is a Visitor Management System?

This system does the job of checking in visitors.

  • Take pictures of visitor to identify them
  • Biometric security
  • Maintain a cloud-based visitor log
  • Capture signatures for legal agreements like NDAs
  • Print visitor ID badges
  • Customizes company’s logo
  • It has ERP software
  • Send SMS, Slack notifications and email when visitors arrive
  • Accept deliveries from FedEx, UPS and other courier services


Benefits of Office Security

    1. Information Security
      Are you working with confidential documents? Trade secret? Intellectual property? You won’t like someone wondering in your office and discovering company’s secret. Your office lobby plays an important role office security to keep information secure. Visitor management system is the one thing that can help you.
    2. Visitor Privacy
      Indeed every company wants to keep customer privacy safe and on their priority list. But do you know that a visible visitor log can put them at risk? Many businesses face this concern from several customers, usually those who belong to the field where security is given foremost importance. At know about their visit, your responsibility to keep that privacy intact.
    3. Regulatory Compliance
      Some of the compliance you should be aware of are following. Visitor management software makes it easy for a business to remain compliant with these measures.
      • ITAR Compliance
        International Traffic in Arms Regulation is export control law. It prevents sensitive information from foreign lands. Companies that are involved in defence services and technical data must be ITAR compliant.
      • C- TPAT Compliance
        The customer- Trade Partnership Against Terrorism ensures the safety of goods that enter the United State. Under this program, import must ensure the security of their supply chain that includes keeping all the records of visitors the suppliers’ facilities.
      • FSMA Compliance
        FDA launched The Food Safety Modernization Act to improve the safety of the US food supply. The FDA recommends implementation of check-in and check-out system at reception areas to have a comprehensive visitor policy.


Indeed, there are many aspects of visitor management that can make your business efficient but regulatory compliance makes it quintessential to keep a check on security issues. Visitor management software can help your business to effectively maintain the security.


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