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The Future with Biometrics Technology – Faster, Easier and More Secure

The Future with Biometrics Technology – Faster, Easier and More Secure

Biometric devices have been around for centuries now, and they don’t seem to vanish anytime soon. So what does the future of biometrics look like? In the coming years, we can expect behavioral patterns to be integrated with biometrics. It will take security to the next level.

With biometric technology, such as facial and voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, and iris recognition, the authentication of employees can be made more secure and convenient.

Social Impact of Biometrics Technology:

Since biometrics use physical characteristics that are unique to each individual it makes it is difficult to hack them. In fact, they are so accurate and secure that law enforcement agencies have been using it for decades.

Last year, Delhi Airport started a trial run of the facial recognition system to improve security and nab criminals quickly.

Almost every company in India uses a biometric attendance system to identify employees and track their punch-in and out timings. This helps them improve productivity and prevent buddy punching.

Emerging Trends

Over the last few years, researchers and biometric manufacturer companies, such as Star Link India, have been following the emerging trends to improve the technology.

In the coming years, we can expect to see a higher adoption rate and improved accuracy in facial and voice recognition.

Another trend we can expect is behavioral recognition. This technology records the behavior of a user, such as the way they move their mouse, the way they type, and the time they spend on the system.

This increases the level of identity assurance for every employee account. By any chance, if someone gains access to one of your employees’ networks, behavioral recognition will prevent them from accessing the sensitive data.


When it comes to identification, there are multiple techniques that are used for various applications. Most biometric devices can identify an individual in less than one second and that too accurately. Besides, users don’t have to remember anything.

Cloud-Based Biometric Technology:

With more and more companies using the biometric attendance system, they also need to ensure the security of the server, which stores biometric information. Cloud-based biometric technology addresses this issue by eliminating the need for storing the data in a centralized server.

Star Link India is a leading manufacturer of biometric devices and time office software in the country. Being in this field for more than 23 years, we surely know how to offer the best solution to your company. Contact us now and order a customized solution for your business.


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