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Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Identification and Authentication

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Identification and Authentication.jpg

Biometric is generally used for identification also it method of finding what you are. In general, this is carried out based on unique individual characteristics. There are types of biometric properties that are mainly useful for authentication.

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How do fingerprint scanners work?

Fingerprint Scanner

Gone are those days when fingerprint scanners were reserved to high-end security facilities and government organizations. Today, even a mid-range mobile phone comes loaded with a fingerprint scanner. These fingerprint sensors are the most widely used application of biometrics.

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Biometrics – Shaping the Future of Digital Banking


We are living in an era where the internet has a great role to play. From the activities of daily life to business needs things are dependent on the internet for one or other reason. In simple words we are living in a digital world and have a great acceptance for digital services and banking services are no exception to this requirement.

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