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Gym Management System

Our gym management system is an excellent solution for gyms with a large/ growing number of members, or ones serving elite clientele. Each member is issued a card that is valid for a fixed number of gym sessions, or till a particular period of time, or a combination of the two. Once the time-frame or number of sessions expire, the machine notifies the member. Hence, the software reduces hassle, and any chances of quarrels between the members and the gym management.

Tea Garden Solution

The creation of a Tea Garden Solution has been one of Star Link’s major achievements. It has made attendance-taking easy (A fingerprint-recognition time attendance machine is used.), eliminated any chances of fraud (Every individual’s fingerprint is unique.), made location & work-wise record-taking easy, and helped streamline traffic. Most importantly, our software has reduced the probability of tea garden owners/ contractors incurring losses.

SMS Solutions

Revolutionizing the employee-HR relationship are Star Link’s SMS Solutions. They allow the employee to learn every detail of their attendance – information about attendance punching, late arrival (by how many minutes), leave postings, and even shift details! Messages may also be on-demand, i.e. only sent to employees when they request for it.

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