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New Trends In Biometric Industry

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Biometric technology is an ever developing field of security system. The rapid growth and emergence of new technologies means new form of security products to make authentication far more convenient and secure for people. Every year we have seen more growth and innovation in the usage of this new form of human identification.

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Biometric From Its Past History

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With the increase in population, the chance of crime also increases. So, personal identification and authentication has become one of the major security issues these days. Over the years, Biometric Technology has grown steadily in the field of security check.

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Internet Of Things (IOT) And Biometrics

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Anything that can be connected, will be connected. That’s what we can expect from the Internet of Things. The IoT has the potential to redefine the way we use and secure devices and systems in the consumer, enterprise, and

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Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth – II

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This blog post is second in the series of Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth. To read the previous post, click here. This truly is a next-generation technology. Craig Lund, CEO, SecureAuth, asks to think of the SecureAuth IdP as a bullet-resistant vest. He says that these multiple layers of protection act as a defensive wall against … Continue reading Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth – II

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