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Single Sign-Up Biometric Solutions For Desktop Users

biometric technology

Time and again biometric authentication has proved its worth and utility by becoming one of the most profound solutions for all the service companies as well as the desktop users in these enterprises of various fields.

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Near Field Communication (NFC) Replacing RFID In Access Control

rfid access control, rfid security system

Near Field communication is a short range communication channel which is becoming one of the most promising and latest technology. The main purpose of this technology is to create one time connection like other wireless technologies, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this article we will tell you how NFC is playing a vital role in biometric authentication.

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E-boarding Through Aadhar at Hyderabad Airport

aadhar cards, biometric screening, biometric security, biometric technology

Out-dated security and identification systems and access kiosks are a threat to the nation’s security. Also, verifying identities manually consumes a lot of time and are a pain from the customer’s point of view. With the current advancement in technology, the ideas that previously seemed far-fetched are now becoming more and more commonplace.

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