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Organization needs employee shift masking solution

An Organization Needs Employee Shift Masking Solution

Shift masking is becoming increasingly popular because of its accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. It also provides additional security by making it harder for unauthorized people to gain entry into restricted areas. Shift masking access control provides enhanced security by using a combination of facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and other biometrics to identify individuals. When used in combination with other authentication methods such as passwords or PINs, this type of system can provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Furthermore, shift masking technology allows for dynamic adjustments in real-time if the environment changes or new threats emerge.

Shift masking is the scheduling of employees for each of your company’s essential tasks during a given time period. Perhaps the simplest example of shift masking is that:


Someone needs to work the 5:00 a.m. shift in order for the store to open at the crack of dawn. Yet it is unlikely the worker will stay on past the cafe’s closing time. To complete the same task for the remainder of the day, another employee will instead arrive at some time. The first employee will be relieved when that person arrives, say at 1:00 p.m.; their shift finishes when the following employee’s shift starts.


We offer the most adaptable shift masking solution and management system to accommodate both regular personnel and those working several shifts around the clock.


shift masking demo table

 Masking Role:- If A shift employee marks his attendance in B shift, the device will sound NOT IN SHIFT. And if the employee is assigned day wise, then he will not be able to come on any other day and mark his attendance. the device will show him “NOT IN SHIFT”.


Your labour expenses will be reduced by using time and attendance software, which is frequently simple to use and helps prevent shift masking mistakes.

  • Shift masking is the process of assigning jobs to workers so that your business is always properly staffed and running.
  • The difficulties associated with shift masking include time and labour expenditures, legal compliance, employee demands, and human error.
  • Time and attendance software saves your personnel costs and decreases shift-masking mistakes.


Offering Shift Bonuses To Motivate Workers To Work Irregular Hours

The solution employs a reasonable approach towards workers and acknowledges that money is the primary motivator. Offering shift allowances based on hourly pay or your company’s policy might provide your staff with a profitable alternative. Star Link gives you a flexible and easy approach to manage the process.



Savings were made by organizing more efficiently. Due to human resource processes, they had the freedom to spend their time more wisely in different locations. Discover how to choose a time and attendance system, then take what you’ve learned into consideration as you read our evaluations of time and attendance software. Before you know it, you’ll have a new software platform that will result in uniform changes, less labor expense, and satisfied, productive employees.


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