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Will my office entry and exit time be updated daily?

Yes, your punch in and punch out times will be updated instantly in LMS.

How can I check my punch-in and punch-out time?

You need to login to LMS to check your timings, which will be updated daily.

Will my office login and logout time get automatically reflected?

Yes. Login and Logout time from the attendance punching machine will get automatically updated in LMS.

What if I forgot my LMS password?

You need to click the Forgot Password option in the LMS window. New password will be mailed to you.

When do I need to apply for leave?

As per the company’s policy.

How will I know if my Leave/OD request has been approved?

You will receive a notification once your leave has been approved by HoD. In the absence of any notification, please consider your leave request as pending approval.

Do I need to inform my HOD after filling in request in LMS?

After you fill in your leave request, your application will automatically go to your HOD. You need not personally inform your HOD.

What if my HOD does not approve my leave on time?

Your leave application will not be approved till your HoD approves in LMS. You will need the approval of your HoD to proceed on any leave.

How can I apply for Out Duty?

OD can be applied in the same way as leave; only you need to specify if you are going out in First Half or Second Half.

Can I apply for leave in advance (before entitlement of quota)?

As per the company’s policy.

What happens if I fill in leave details after payroll cycle?

You will not able to apply for leave in lapsed payroll cycle. It is strongly advised that you apply for leave within the payroll period. In case you have missed the deadline, then please contact HR.

What if I want to change my leave dates?

You can change your leave dates only before approval. Once approved you will not be able to change leave dates manually and need to contact HR.

How can I extend my leave during my leave period when I am away from office?

You can access it through the prescribed URL on any internet enabled devices.

What if I miss punching-in or punching-out during start or end of day?

In case you have missed punching it will be reflected in LMS. Note that if there is no record of attendance during start and end of day, you will be marked absent.

Can I know my balance and availed leaves through LMS?

Yes your leave status will be available in LMS; you can check your remaining leaves and apply accordingly.

What happens if HOD declines my leave request?

Your leave application will stand rejected if unapproved.

Can I view my past attendance in LMS?

Yes, your past attendance records will be available in LMS.

What happens if I attended office during an approved leave?

In case you have not availed an approved leave, then you need to get approval from HoD and then contact HR to correct your records.

Can I avail leave for half-day?

Yes, you can apply leave for half-day as shown below.

Can I apply for leave dates in past?

You should apply for dates within the same payroll cycle. After lapse of payroll period, your leaves will not be accounted for.

How to check machine status in Web DC ?

Log in Web DC – Machine Status – Check Machine Connect/ Disconnect time – DownloadFlag.

How to check the service status in client mode?

Go to Run (in window option) –Write services.msc – Press Enter – Check Service – asyncstardcservice1.4

If it is not running right click on service & press Start.

How to update BACK DATE DATA in database?

Change the Date of the LAST DOWNLOAD FLAG from which you want to fetch the Data into Database.

What is exact format of Last Download Format ?

Server Mode: DDMMYY Ex: 190217
Client Mode: DDMMYY:0: Ex: 190217:0:

What is Last Download Flag in Machine master page ?

Last Download Flag shows upto which date, Data is stored in the Database. (StarDC_RawData table).

How do I locate LMS URL on my browser?

You can locate LMS URL in the Favorites section of your Internet window. Note that you may need to log into internet to be able to access LMS.

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