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What can be done, if there is problem in Data Transfer through Data Capture software ?

Got to Machine Setting – SQL – Check your ODBC setting.
STARSQL DSN is there or not. If yes, then check if it is configuring or not.

What is the solution when Data Capture is processing the data but Time office software is not processing ?

Right Click on data capture software exe – Find Target — Log.txt – Check if ID & Password of SQL is correct.
Repeat the same for Time office Sofware. ID & Password is correct or not.

When Time Office Software is processing the data but Report is blank, what shall we do ?

Open the software – system – Machine Setting option – Add the new installed machine with same ID of Data Capture.

While starting Time Office Software, a message is showing “Software is already open”; then what shall we do ?

Go to Windows TASKBAR – Check startimeoffice .exe – Close.
Try Again.

When Software is opening with an Error, what can be done ?

Go to ADMIN – Housekeeping – Click on update Database.

What does color indication represents in case when console is running in Web Based Data Capture ?

Red: Machine is not connected with the software.
Yellow: Machine is trying to connect to the software.
Green: Machine is connected and transferring the data.

How to Enroll Finger ? (In Bio Star, Bio Link, Bio Track, Bio Lynx)

Press SELECT – Type Password to Unlock Machine – again press SELECT – Chose USER MANAGE – Press ENROL USER – Enrollment options will appear, Press 1 for fingerprint – Enter Employee ID – Press SELECT – Then put finger – then again Put finger – repeat the same process for another finger – Then Next and Escape – lock the Device.
Note: 1. Check the finger quality should be more than 70% in order to check the proxy.
2. Unless Device is not LOCK, fingerprint won’t be accepted or rejected.

How to delete machine memory ?

Open Data capture or Access software, Go to Data Transfer, Connect to machine, Select Old date from which date range it is to be deleted, and then click on Delete button.

Why door does not open through card/finger?

There can be three possibilities if door is not opening:
First: Check if Machine Memory is full or not.
Second: Check if Particular card is Masked.
Third: Check the lapse time of that card. (if applicable)

What we shall do when Machine does not connect with the software ?

Check the NETWORK, if it is connected check the IP. Also check if IP is conflicting with any other device.

How to enable USB ENCRYPTION in Machine.

Go to options press next until USB Encryption appears on screen press select button to enable Encryption on.


If you take punch data through USB, generally it download in .txt file easy to alter timing/cardno. USB ENCRYPTION protects to alter timing/cardno. In this mode data taken by USB comes in encoded form and can be decoded by Star link software only.

How to enable Auto-Delete ON. (Classic/Industrial Model) ?

Unlock the device. Go to options press next to get Auto Delete. Press 0/1 to enable this feature. This will auto delete the old transaction if machine memory reaches 80%.

What to do if Card with finger type employee forget to bring their card?

In this scenario, Employee can mark its attendance by pressing their cardno/employee code (PIN) and then keep fingers. (Biolynx/Biotrack (V4.8.3 onwards)/Biostar).

How many group can be created in door controller?

Total 32 groups can be created in door controller software. (0-31)

How to set LCD Power saving Mode in Machine?

Unlock the machine.
Go to options press next Until LCD Power Save appear on screen. Press Select button and set the time in minute. After that period LCD will glow off automatically.

How to change IN/OUT mode in Machine?

Two ways to change IN/OUT mode of machine.
Enabling IN/OUT mode- Unlock the Machine, go to options continue to press NEXT until IN / OUT appears on screen. Now press SELECT button to enable IN / OUT mode.
(a)Lock the machine & press down arrow to Switch between IN/OUT mode.
(b)Go to options press next Until IN/OUT CARD appear on screen. Here show card to register. Now unlock the machine and show the card to Switch between IN/OUT mode.

Time Office software is window based or Web based?

Time Office Software is available on both Window and Web.

Is Time Office flexible to do extra modification as per client’s requirement?


What is the use of shift replacement voucher?

Shift replacement voucher is used to perform various functionality in shift.
Shift Replacement Voucher: when we want to replace one shift with other.
Shift Copy Voucher is used to copy same shift on other days.

Can we do holiday entry in Time Office Software?

Yes user can do holiday entry in Time Office Software.

How many users can we create in Time Office Software?

Minimum 5 numbers of different users can be created in Time Office Software.

Can we import masters through EXCEL.

Yes we can import all masters through Time office software.

How many types of report are there in Time Office Software.


Can we apply the current time office policy in back date data.

Yes you can apply by back data process

Can we apply late deduction plan in time office

Yes you can apply Late Deduction policy.

Can we set the round of policy of overtime.

Yes you can set the round of policy of overtime by time office setup.

What is the use of Time Office Policy?

Time office policy contains various policies such as
Weekly off policy.
Shift policy.
Late coming and early going policy.
OT policy. etc

How can we create Leave Master and how to post Leave through Time Office Software?

Yes you can create different types of leave through leave Master, and you can post leave through Leave Application posting link available in Time Office Software.

What is the difference between Re-process and auto punch process?

Re-Process and Auto punch process is same in functionality. But for processing data user will have to click Re-Process again and again, but if Auto punch process is running then no manual intervention is required, software will process all data automatically.

Why we do Attendance Register Updation?

Employee Attendance Register is updated when some changes is done in employee shift policy or weekly off policy.

What is attendance Register Creation? Its importance?

Duty roaster creation is creating full year attendance register of employees .
If duty roaster of the employee is not created then employees attendance will not reflect in time Office Software. So it is very important to create the duty roaster of the employees.

In How many ways we can assign leave accrual to employee in Time Office Software?

There are two ways to assign Leave accural in Time Office Software.
Yearly leave Accural
Monthly Leave Accural

How many Types of punches are there in employee master?

There are four types of punch in Time Office Software.
Single Punch
Two Punch
Four Punch
Multiple Punch

What is Run Auto Shift?

If employee is under run auto shift then maximum no of shift is assigned to him,and under what ever shift the employee comes then that particular shift is assigned to him.

What is RTC?

RTC means Round The Clock Working.RTC employee are those employees who come in Night Shift.

What is Time Office Software?

Time Office software is used to manage employee’s attendance for a given financial year.
Managing attendance includes
Punch management.
Leave management.
Holiday management.
Shift management.

What is the frequency of Em Card & Smart Card?

Frequency of smart card is – 13.56 MHz
Frequency of EM card is – 125 KHz

If machine not connecting in data capture software what would you do?

*Check if machine is pinging
*Check correct IP has been configured into the software

How to set the password in data capture software?

Open the data Capture software
Open System option
Choose Set Password Option
Enter username and password.

Next time whenever you will open the exe,password will be prompted.This will restrict unauthorized access of software.

Describe the purpose of USB Scanner?

This provide the option to enroll the fingers at your seat.
Connect the USB scanner with your PC
Open the exe of USB scanner
Card master available in Data Capture software will be shown here.
Connect the device and choose cardno
Enroll the finger and send into machine by software.
(Only with Windows Data Capture)

What are the various type of finger template supported with Star Link Device?

Star Link devices support ISO [ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005(E)] and custom type finger template.

If IP of machine is not ping, What would you do?

*Check LAN cable is inserted properly.
*Check other end of LAN cable is connected with Switch/Hub.
*Check if Green & Orange light in machine is glowing.

Purpose of Bio-Slave with Bio-Star?

*If Biostar is with Lock and required mode of punching is Only Finger both side then Bio-Slave plays an vital role in punching.

How to set the date & time of the machine by data capture software?

Open the Software.
Click On Data Capture
Connect the machine
Give the Date and Time and apply.

How to insert SIM in machine?

Flip the machine.
Open the SIM slot
Fit the SIM into the movable slot. (Take care of SIM edge and slot edge)
Now lock the sim slot.

How to connect machine through wifi network?

first of all unlock the machine.

Then press select.
Go to option
Press next ….next till TCP/IP Link
Select on wifi
Click on find network
Machine will Show available wifi network
Select the desired wifi network for connectivity
Enter the password & than press NEXT ..

(Enter the IP etc also either manually or opt DHCP)

How to configure email in Bio-lynx & Bio-Track?


ENTER LOCAL IP ON BROWSER and by entering user id and password open the web-portal.
Click on services
Enter mail server & portno
Enter TO, from & cc
Enter the set the mail date
Enter the mail scheduler now can chose the 4 different time slot which you want
Then Click on apply

How to check version of machine ?

Unlock the device.
Press Uparrow
In 2nd row at the extreme -there is version like Ver 5.0.4

How to update Firmware Bio-Lynx & Bio-Track?




Enter user id and password as :USER-admin & PASSWORD- password
There is a option of firmware update in left pan.
click on this browse the path where firmware is located and APPLY…
Machine will restart.

How to set IP in machine (Biolynx and Biotrack)?

Unlock the machine
Press select
Select OPTIONS menu
Press NEXT to come DHCP Client/Static Client
*If you opt DHCP -IP, Netmask, Gateway & DNS will be auto set, provided
there is DHCP server in your network. THEN SELECT MODE
*In Static Clinet you will have to enter IP etc manually.
To do so enter 3 digit no and press select. Blinker will move to next
slot by saving previous one. At the end press select to save.

How will I take data thorough pen-drive? Anything needs to enable?

No need to doing anything. Simply insert the pen-drive in machine. Data will be copied date wise inside Star Link folder.

I want to change Voice Tone in Hindi. How do I do it?

Unlock device. Press Select ,choose Option. Press Next until comes Voice Tone. Press down Arrow and Choose desired tone. Press Select to save.

What does ‘Data delete/Date Data Reset do?

This option delete all Transactions/Punch data from machine. Be sure you have captured the transaction while choosing this.

What is the meaning of ‘Masking Delete’ /Biometric Reset?

If you opt this, it will delete all enrolled employee from machine. If you do not have backup in software its better to avoid.

How to check the IP address in machine?

In classic/Industrial machine ,unlock the device and press F3. Press Next to get IP address. In other machine unlock the device and press up arrow button.

System is displaying RTC fail?

Check machine date and time.

When machine is connected but a message is showing: “Error: Machine not connected”, then what shall we do?

Check IP Address & ping it. And even if it does not work, contact NETWORK ADMIN.

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