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                                                                      Star Link Multi Application Software can work even in an environment where the Employees can record the attendance (by Showing the card to register ‘IN’ and OUT’ timings) from any of several “Star Link" systems that could be working at a Location and the attendance recording will be done automatically in the correct way. 

This software is designed to cater to the needs of all kind of possible users  i.g., Factories, Offices etc. To cater to such needs of the Factories where an employee needs to sit beyond the limits of 12 midnight. the software takes two days data together for proper computation of attendance. In the Offices/ factories the sales service, account, personnel, administration need to go out for Sales Calls, Service Calls, Bank work, Labor Courts etc. 


Replace time-consuming, manual error and paper-based HR methods which doesn’t make sense and save expenses and  increase efficiency.

Its time to use Star Link Time and Attendance software which Offers

  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Shift Management (Fixed & Rotational)
  • RTC Concept for Night Shift Employees
  • Time Office Policies
  • Overtime Setup
  • Reports Sets
  • Government Report Sets i.e. Muster Roll,Form12,Form25 etc.

    System Requirements: 

    RAM: 256MB and above
    HDD: Min. 20GB and above
    PROCESSOR:Pentium 3 and above
    Available Database:

    Note:For SQL Server and Oracle Licence should be client's resposibility.

    Key & Unique Features:

    • Maintains Supervisor: Employee Relations and allow supervisors to manage Attendance & Leaves of the Employees.
    • Company Information: It maintains details of the company like Address, Locations/branches, Divisions, Departments, Designations, and etc.
    • Employee Management: It maintains detailed records of the employee including Administrative records, Personal information, Scanned Documents/Files. 
    • Time Attendance Management: Mananges Complete attandance of individual Employee including Shift Management, Rotation capabilities. 
    • Leave Management: Accural Facility of Fixed and Carried Foward types of  Leave with sanctioning facility .
    • Reports & Charts:
    • Duplicate Checking of entries.
    • Punching Patterns for Employees
        • No Punch
        • Single Punch
        • Two Punch
        • Four Punch
        • Multiple Punch